I was given 7 Kannaconnect capsules to try and stay focused. I felt a vast difference the second day I took it. It’s a wonder health solution and alternative to conventional medicine. I cannot wait for the release of the product in South Africa.

B van Wyk, Cape Town, South Africa

I’ve always been a believer in the importance of keeping the body’s immunome system strong to prevent illnesses and stay healthy. However, a strong immunome system doesn’t combat the stress of working and having a home and family to care for, which can leave little time and energy for oneself. I was introduced to Kannacalm and Kannaconnect by dear friends and have been amazed at the difference it has made. I’ve started with the Kannaconnect first thing in the morning with a tall glass of water and noticed that when I got to work I was able to focus better on what I needed to do without getting distracted as I usually did – thinking of all the things I needed to do. This focus helped me to manage my time better and get more accomplished within the day. This accomplishment was life changing – at the end of the day I felt more satisfied at the amount of things I was able to finish and was able to prepare and organize for the next day. Once home my mind was more at ease and I was able to enjoy the beauty of nature and just relaxing and of course some of my every day cleaning. I’m excited to try the Kannaclam to see the difference in how deeply I’m able to sleep and how it helps dealing with anxious situations. I will write an update on the Kannacalm after I start taking it and let everyone know how it works!

K McMullan, McLean, Virginia, USA
How’s this?…

Anxiety has plagued me my entire adult life, and KannaCalm is the first natural product that has relieved me of the constant burden of uneasiness I have felt. It’s actually amazing that one capsule can take effect so quickly and be so thoroughly effective. It also feels great to take something that is plant-based as opposed to an artificial chemical.

R Dandrew, New York, USA
I love the Proessence products! Kannacalm is wonderful at night to help me ease into a restful sleep, and Kannaconnect is perfect for helping me maintain my focus + energy in my hectic life as a stylist, musician + single mom of 2 young children. I highly recommend both products!
Jessie Rhinebeck, New York, USA